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Our mission is to support and guide students as they acquire new information while learning how to use their own academic strengths.

Because of the virtual nature of these consultations, the behaviors that we will be focusing on will be improvement in executive functioning skills support with an educational goal.

This plan is for students with specified learning disabilities.  Students would be in the general education setting.  We would help coach caregivers on how to help your exceptional child learn more effectively.  We would empower caregivers with specific learning strategies to help students be more successful in their learning, meeting them at their level and addressing their unique needs.

The universal screener is an assessment for understanding students’ literacy performance, both strengths and areas of concern. Universal screeners focus on specific areas and are typically brief, but determine those students who are “at some risk” or “at risk”. Universal screeners are used for the initial screening of students, and shall include the following, as determined to be
developmentally appropriate, for each student:
1. Phonological and phonemic awareness
2. Sound symbol recognition
3. Alphabet knowledge
4. Decoding skills5. Rapid naming, and
6. Encoding skills


In this consultation you will speak with an Eval Gal Specialist that will help you prepare for an IEP meeting.  Specialists will help walk you through what to expect as well as guide you into how to request an IEP amendment change.

In this consultation you will speak with an Eval Gal Specialist that will help you prepare for an IEP meeting and annual review.  Specialists will help walk you through what to expect as well as guide you into how to request an IEP amendment change.  Additionally they will make sure there is compliance, that caregiver input was requested, etc.  Specialists will also help address any concerns about the process before meeting with the IEP Team.

In this consultation you will speak with an Eval Gal Specialist that will guide you through the process of transitioning an IEP from one state to Florida.  Specialists will give you a “crash course” into what IEPs are like in the state of Florida and what to expect.

  1. Includes Reading Assessments + Evaluation Conference for caregivers
  2. Three Universal Screeners to be given: DIBELS, Rapid Automatic Naming Assessment, Heggerty Phonological Awareness Assessment based on the age of child. Copies of all reports will be given to caregivers for their records. 
  3. Assessments will identify foundational reading skills the child has not achieved by a specific developmental age, which is necessary to be on track by age 9–to be ready for reading to learn that starts in 4th grade. 
  4. Intervention lessons: Three 15 min lessons are designed to begin working on the greatest gaps that need to be filled in the hierarchy of reading skills. Sometimes these lessons can quickly correct minor issues but often also show the interventionist some incorrectly learned reading skills. At times, early readers have to be untaught a reading habit before the correct skill can be taught. 
  5. Follow up sessions can be scheduled if needed.

In this consultation, an Eval Gal Specialist will discuss resources and accommodations for teaching a student with exceptional needs, whether that be a disability or gifted nature.  Specialists can also discuss curriculum that would best serve the unique learning needs of your child.

Meet regularly with an Eval Gal Specialist to help your exceptional child with general education skills and learning strategies.  These sessions are designed to support the unique learning style and needs of your child as they acquire new information.  We will teach them how to be successful using their own academic strengths, customizing their learning.


    • Caregivers are the experts on what their child needs.  As their advocate, it is vital that they are part of the sessions, particularly with students K-5.  Caregivers should be within earshot of the student during a session so if there is a roadblock or a goal met, it can be addressed in real-time to benefit the student.
    • Be sure that students are logged in, set-up with all  their technology ready, any materials required like dry erase marker/board to meet with their Eval Gal Specialist
    • PC, laptop, or tablet with working internet
    • A working webcam
    • Microphone and speakers (either builtin or you can use earbuds with a mic)
    • Google Chrome is the preferred browser, as we will be utilizing Google apps in each session.

Each child is unique with their own individual needs.  During your consultation call, the Eval Gal Specialist will recommend what is best for your child. After the consultation with caregivers a learning map will be created that previews the focus of each session.  It could be one session, or multiple sessions, it just depends on the child’s unique needs. As sessions progress, education plans are expected to be changed based on the progress of the student at the end of each session. Evaluations will take place to make sure the student can produce the skill to demonstrate mastery.

Absolutely!  We frequently review homework with students.  It is best if the specialist receives a photo or copy of the homework in an email prior to the start of a session. 

We are here to support caregivers to facilitate effective communication with the school district.  There will be no direct communication with the school district, only with the caregiver.

    • Progress notes, when necessary, will be provided to the caregiver.
    • Caregivers are encouraged to jump on the session at the last five minutes to speak with the specialist for a quick recap of what was achieved or next steps for the following session. 
    • After each session, caregivers and students will also receive a copy of their digital whiteboard notes and or  a copy of the recorded session.

Due to the complexities of child development, we would recommend booking a full consultation session.

Yes, each session is recorded.  A link to the recording will be sent out after each session along with the feedback. Recordings are accessible for up to 7 days before being deleted.  Students can download the mp4 file prior to the 7 days if they would like unlimited access.

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