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We understand that Homeschooling can be a little overwhelming and sometimes even lonely.  You have ventured off the public school path and have decided that homeschooling is a better fit for your family.  This can come about for all kinds of reasons, but the common thread is parents need help.  That’s where Eval Gal Advisement Services comes in.  We are here to listen to YOU and YOUR NEEDS.  According to that information, our experienced Advisors will help make recommendations and suggestions accordingly.  Have a student who wants to go to their zoned school for electives or wants to play on a sports team?  You can do that! Let us help you walk through all your options that are sure to meet the individual needs of your child and circumstances.

Advisement Sessions are billed per hour.  These sessions will allow you a private consultation with an Eval Gal Advisor to help answer all of your questions and help guide you to the resources that will help fulfill your educational goals.  If you are wanting more than one meeting, we invite you to look at our Advisement Packages.  These packages start at $150 for three sessions: (1) Initial Consultation, (2) Mid-year Consultation–which you can schedule at any time as needed, and (3) your end of the year Homeschool Portfolio Evaluation.

In order to comply with the state of Florida’s Homeschool Law, a homeschool student must be evaluated annually.  There are 5 ways that this can be done.  Using our services will satisfy option 1 of the suggested evaluation methods.   Our evaluations include a review of the student’s portfolio as well as a discussion with the student.  The evaluation will be completed virtually through a video conference with parent and student. Additionally, upon completion of the Portfolio Evaluation, we will submit the proper forms to the district for those in St. Johns County.  If you live in a different county, we will provide you with an evaluation form to be submitted to your locally zoned school district.

For those of you out of state of Florida, you can still enroll and use our Advisement services.  Let us know your homeschool laws and we will modify our evaluations to meet those requirements.

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